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The first part consists of essays working within the chronological paradigm; the essays of the second part point to shortcomings in the paradigm in all or part of their arguments.Within the first part, Mats Eskhult (The Importance of Loanwords for Dating Biblical Hebrew Texts; pp.8-23) explores the significance of loanwords from Egyptian, Akkadian, Aramaic and Persian for the dating of Hebrew texts.129-48) both take up and expand Hurvitzs broad agenda of refining the typology of LBH, by identifying Aramaic features in BH that may be attributed to Israelian Hebrew.Consequently, the procedure for the definition of an Aramaism entering BH in the Persian period receives clarification.Philip Davies (Biblical Hebrew and the History of Ancient Judah: Typology, Chronology and Common Sense; pp. In his view, Hurvitz, and those who accept his proposal, overlooks the possibility of linguistic discrepancies between literary applications and vernacular usage, of dialectal variation within a geographical region, and of a gradual transition in the form of the language of speech without uniformity in change across an area.

215-50) and Ian Young (Late Biblical Hebrew and Hebrew Inscriptions; pp.

The transition, as his evidence reveals, was a continuous process.

David Talshir (The Habitat and History of Hebrew during the Second Temple Period; pp.

By and large, the distribution of such loanwords support the chronological framework expounded by, among others, Hurvitz.

Persian words, for example, occur in texts frequently regarded as being late (i.e., composed in the Persian period or later).