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star Instagrammed the first photo of her son Edward Aszard Rasberry today. 16, is the first child for Tatyana and her husband, Dr. "We're completely swooning over this kid," wrote the proud mom in her Tatyana recalls seeing her son "move like a flash dancer" during her first ultrasound.

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I live for the feeling of the sun on my face, the sound of music in my ears, the taste of coffee in the morning, and the pleasure of making things.

I believe in the power of imagination and mystery, friendship and storytelling, romance, rapture and beating hearts.

It clearly showed a woman hitting a young girl over the head and violently kicking her multiple times.

Bianchi is a registered nurse, book lover, and frustrated singer.She admits in an interview with GMA News that she did go too far and what she did was not right.The young girl, who looked to be about 9 or 10 years old, confided that she wasn't often spanked or hurt by her mom and that this was a rare occurrence.I spent the entire day smiling, and I quickly learned that I liked getting dirty more than standing off on the sidelines. The last five years of weddings in San Francisco have been nothing short of amazing.I liked seeing things like a guest would see them, or how a passing field mouse would observe it all: listening carefully and looking with two very open eyes, crouching down to see the view from the ground, climbing up a tree to observe from above... I've been lucky enough to work with the most creative and unique couples who I admire and adore, misfits who teach me so much about love and creativity, about being authentic and alive.Barangay captain Anthony del Rosario told GMA News that upon questioning her, the woman said it was her child's "extreme stubbornness" that caused her to lose her temper.