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I actually, if you can imagine, I knew if she could have contacted me she would have phoned. Do you know what it's like for a parent to wish their child was abducted and being held? There in cyberspace, she found someone who appeared to be a kindred spirit, seemingly another soul about to be lost. So about 8 months or so ago, I started looking for methods to let go with.

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Chatting all the while, they find a way to ease her discomfort, feed the child, and teach the first-time parents how to prevent the problem from recurring.The baby calms and stretches in his grandmother's lap as he hungrily empties the cup of milk that the midwife spoons into his mouth.It was here that the first training school for Sri Lankan midwives began operating in 1881.Between 19, the number of trained midwives in the country multiplied from 347 to 8,741.

The midwives' affordable, DIY solution is perfect for this corner of Colombo - a set of apartment blocks occupied by working-class families on low incomes.As the midwives finish up and prepare to leave, Kumari Manel serves them a glass of cold, sweet, neon orange soda. "No one else will come to help us, only the midwives come," she says.A mother cradles her child at a clinic dedicated to babies just over a month old.This is an intimate relationship with the state that spans generations.With kind eyes and gentle hands, Ari and Kumudini work with the young mother to check the flow of milk from her breasts and quickly determine that one is blocked.Those identified as having high-risk pregnancies are given specialist care.