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The net zero building equipped with photovoltaic solar and battery storage to accommodate the Green Design Lab, Clean Tech K-12 Education Program, summer outdoor programs and more, will begin construction in 2018.

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The film begins on August 6, 1990, the day after the final show of the Blond Ambition Tour in Nice.Madonna cleans up her hotel room while, in a voice-over, she explains that she is not as emotional as the rest of her group over the end of the tour.It was filmed and narrated in the same style as Truth or Dare, with stage performances filmed in colour and behind-the-scenes in black and white.Truth or Dare was nominated for a Razzie Award for Worst Actress for Madonna as herself, which she lost to Sean Young for A Kiss Before Dying.The Blond Ambition tour stops in Los Angeles, where sound problems abound.

I guess it's my turn." Freddy De Mann bets that the threat of arrest will only make Madonna go further and no one takes his bet.

She has already grieved, she says, but it will hit her later and she hopes she will be in a safe place when it happens.

In a flashback to April 1990, the tour is about to kick off in Japan.

By the time Martin arrives, Christopher has left and Madonna has gone to bed.

Madonna reunites with her "childhood idol", Moira Mc Farland-Messana.