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Your experience may be different depending on your own environment. I would also recommend reading the relevant KB Article: If you use the WSUS MMC Snap-in on any maintenance machines, you will need to install the update on any of those machines.If you do not,all Windows 8 machines will be listed incorrectly.Once these steps have been completed on a client machine, you can verify that the client has registered properly in the WSUS server.It might take some time for the client to show up, in my experience up to 60 seconds.

Furthermore, when you open a command prompt and execute the command ‘wuauclt /detectnow’ you will probably find the log to state ‘0 updates detected’. The log will still tell you ‘0 updates detected’ because this command does not tell windows update to report status.

After reporting status to the WSUS-server the computer stores the information in a cookie and will not report it’s status untill these 22 hours have passed.

This means that if your server has reported status and detected 13 updates that it can install in a first run, while you have approved 22 updates for this server in WSUS, the server will download and install these first 13 updates and probably ask you to reboot afterward.

A Microsoft Knowledge Base article (link below) described this issue for pre-Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2 / 2012 servers, but this does apply to them as well.

In example when you clone a VM and remove it from the domain and re-join it, it will generate a new SID for the OS but not the Windows Update ID.