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Wow patch 5 0 not updating

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I really truly wish I could give everyone a 100% perfect experience with Co C but it's just not possible.

We are going to have to make sacrifices and deal with inconveniences if we all want to continue to make the mod better.

As an frequent modder and addon-creator it would be extremely useful to have access to a public Co C-repository.

To answer your question easily; Basically, the NEW Co C is a separate file all together, it doesn't "install" anymore, you simply save it, and it will go straight to downloads, or if you save as, it will go to wherever you save it to.

Call of Chernobyl is a free-play sandbox mod for S. For a mod like this though, where not only you are working and updating constantly, but more than a dozen community members with their own addons are doing the same thing, you should really consider incorporating a launcher into the game. If we want to talk about inconveniences, we all do this for free, and I feel the obligation to sit and answer people like you every day.

They mentioned that someone posted a comment on #7 of the google code....i wonder if the barkeep of Rostok will be able to give you quests in an upcoming update and are campfire jokes enabled in this game?Bag Sync - Tracks the items on your characters and displays the information in item tooltips.nib Real UI_Boss Skins - A skin for DBM and Big Wigs timer bars.Shared Media - Provides additional trextures and fonts for some UI options.Thanks for the info, and for taking the time to give all us STALKER fans another run for NO MONEY!