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However, more recent sources also use exactly the same term to identify the 2011 Tunisian Revolution. During the night of 6 November 1987 a group of seven doctors signed a medical report attesting to the mental incapacity of Bourguiba.

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But the issue is more nuanced than that,” Blom tells The Local. Men want to be able to handle the pressure and perform when they have sex.And they might not know how to use condoms the right way, and have problems with them.” Blom says that if men feel comfortable with how to use a condom correctly, they are more likely to actually use one, no matter what the situation.“This group of women would benefit from more information about age-related risks regarding reproduction and more importantly their own fertile potential," the report from Uppsala states.“That’s one reason why individual visits are so important,” Anna Blom at RFSU explains.

While the number itself may not be cause for concern – and indeed may be proof of modern Sweden’s gender equality - the corresponding decrease in condom use is a problem, Tyden said. More young women must demand that their partners use a condom." Why aren't men using condoms?Sharing the burden The studies from Uppsala showed wide discrepancies in the women’s knowledge about fertility.When asked at what age fertility significantly decreases and it becomes more difficult to have children, responses varied greatly.“And men need to buckle down and realize that condoms are the only way they actually have to protect themselves, not just against sexually transmitted infections, but also against involuntarily becoming a parent.” Knowing your body Another issue with birth control is a lack of knowledge about available options and about women’s own bodies, Blom notes.“Generally women know a lot about birth control here, because they research online and ask friends,” she says.“But when it comes to understanding the information in terms of your own body and what might be better suited to you, it’s more difficult.” Sweden isn’t the only country grappling with the issue.