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They remind me I can do more to make a dessert than simply throwing money at it.

Right now, I’ve got crates of Kentucky peaches showing up at the restaurant every week.

Given the chance, a hundred grams of raw stone fruit kernels would produce about 160 milligrams of cyanide.

Probably the most over-hyped, shrug-worthy food risk on the planet when you consider a hundred grams of black beans would produce 400 milligrams of cyanide (thanks, dusty copy of ).

The knee-jerk reaction seemingly everyone responds with isn’t entirely unfounded.

Noyaux contain a substance called amygdalin, which breaks down during digestion to become sinister hydro-cyanic acid.

For simpler dessert, a panna cotta or sorbet, the shorter steep time will work just fine. If you’re flavoring a liquor, you can just strain without reheating.

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Steeping overnight makes the liquid exponentially more flavorful, which isn’t to say the shorter steep is in any way inferior.You don’t even have to crack the pits open to extract their flavor, which makes them a lot less annoying to harvest than the noyaux. Like vanilla beans, you can steep the pits in any liquid to transform whatever recipe you like into something a little more magical.Steep the pits in water and then use it to make tea or sorbet. Flavor the dairy for panna cotta or ice cream or toss the pits in the pot with your next batch of steel cut oats.As with those deadly black beans, cooking the pits causes a breakdown of the harmful substances and renders them safe for consumption, which is why your game of Clue doesn’t come with tiny pewter noyaux along with the wrench and candlestick. The French toss ‘em after they pluck out the kernel, Americans pitch them after eating the fruit, and Brave Tart thinks they make a great case for saving the best for last.Peach pits (and apricot and cherry pits) are , please, please, please don’t throw yours away.Sometimes restaurants use “apricot pit” or “peach pit” as a euphemism for noyau, an unfamiliar word to most customers, which only adds to the confusion.