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One consequence of these “rules” is that all too often, women who advocate for their own safety or act on their instincts are told that their behavior is “rude” or “inconsiderate”.

Leaving a bad date when someone’s attitude or behavior sets off one’s Spidey-sense becomes something that must be bad behavior – he didn’t mean it that way, or he must have been driven to it. Instead of eating the cost of the ticket, chalking things up to a learning experience and complaining to his friends over beers, Vezmar sunk hundreds of dollars and untold days into a tantrum.

Similarly, she has to reject or refuse him – if at all – in a specific way. The premise of the question is absurd, and only the most hopeless Progressive could even conjure it up. He harassed a woman into giving him more attention – on television yet – and tried to dress it up as a quest for great justice The fact of the matter is, Vezmar is another example of someone who’s upset he’s not allowed to dictate a woman’s behavior and will hang the flimsiest of excuses over his desire to punish her.

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It’s taken as writ that a man is entitled to a woman’s time, attention and specific behavior; that by existing, she has agreed to specific rules and it is on men to enforce them by any means necessary. Now more women are left wondering if their Tinder date is someone who’ll take rejection in stride…But as more information became available – much of it from Vezmar himself – it became clear that his date… As the story went viral, Vezmar created a Twitter account to share his side of the story – including messages between himself and his now ex-date. I think this was a bad experience for me.” This, of course, makes total sense; women are known for fleeing great dates without so much as saying goodbye.To dispute claims that he harassed his date’s family for the money, he also shared screenshots of his attempts to contact her, apparently contacting anyone with her last name on Facebook before finally using Spokeo to track her down. Just as it makes complete sense for someone to spend hundreds of dollars in order to sue their date for ditching, under the premise that their behavior is, again, in his words, a threat to civilized society.When his date refused, he filed a complaint with the Travis County Small Claims Court and became a minor Internet sensation.It was vital that he go through with his threat because, in his words: I did have a very brief date with Brandon, that I chose to end prematurely.It wasn’t like constant texting.” At this point, it’s a fairly typical bad date and bad behavior – the kind that theaters like The Alamo Drafthouse have famously mocked.