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Those are not mere allegations - we know what we say because we understand how thrilling all our xxx movies are!Two German police officers have been removed from their posts after they failed properly to provide emergency assistance to a woman who was raped by a migrant in Bonn.was allowed to apply for asylum in only one EU country, in his case Italy.Local judges were unable to decide the appeal in a timely manner because of an overload of similar cases. and his 23-year-old rape victim has exposed, once again, the systemic failure by German authorities to enforce the law and to ensure public safety: a failure to secure borders; a failure to vet incoming migrants; a failure to prosecute and imprison criminals; a failure to deport failed asylum seekers; and a failure by police to take seriously the migrant rape crisis engulfing Germany.The lack of attention by the police has added to the perception that German authorities are not taking seriously a rape crisis in which thousands of German women and children have been sexually assaulted since Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed in around two million migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.Some of the approximately two million migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East allowed into Germany by Chancellor Angela Merkel are shown arriving in the country, via Austria, on October 28, 2015 near Wegscheid.

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We have a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography.A few minutes later, the boyfriend again called the police emergency number and another officer answered the phone.The man said: "Hello, I just called your colleague." The officer replied: "What is it?This was a 102% increase over 2015, when migrants committed 1,683 sex crimes — around five per day.By comparison, migrants committed 949 sex crimes in 2014, around three per day; and 599 sex crimes in 2013, around two per day.In Hamburg, for example, a 29-year-old Afghan asylum seeker sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl while she was asleep in a room at a local hospital.