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Why is dating so scary

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If that wasn’t bad enough, it turns out the witch killed her own children and then committed suicide.The family starts hearing voices and seeks out the help of a husband and wife who specialize in paranormal investigations.What would you and your guy do if Ghostface was pursuing you?Chat it up and make a game plan as you watch the main characters make not-so-smart decisions.Lindsay Goldstein, a senior at the University of Illinois, says, “The special effects are SO outdated, and it's always great to make fun of how obvious the makeup and fake blood are and laugh together while snuggling up!

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A family reunion goes awry in this movie when murderers wearing farm animal masks invade the family’s luxurious vacation home.

As their love grows stronger, the boy begins showing more human-like characteristics (we’ll spare you the beating heart joke), which shed a new light on the war between the living and the dead.

So if you and your guy have opposite tastes on the movie spectrum, we’re sure you’ll both find something to love in this hilarious “horror” film.

The police trace the call and tell the babysitter that the calls are coming from inside the house (we think that’s a creepy enough reason for you and your guy to silence your own phones—and that means more attention on each other! The babysitter soon realizes that her real job description is to keep the kids—and herself—alive and far away from the mysterious caller.

Despite its disturbing premise, this movie can also be an unlikely conversation starter if you’re watching it with a guy you’re getting to know.