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Having read the accounts of THOUSANDS of adult tonsillectomies in the forum,(See Tonsillectomy Forum page), I can say with some confidence that generally, the younger the patient, the easier the tonsillectomy recovery. I’ve read from many middle aged adults who had a fairly smooth recovery.

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Herbert Jackson was born in Boston in 1939, and grew up a foster child in Plympton, a small town south of Boston.

Herb Jackson liked helping people, and became a “real roll up your sleeves, get down in the weeds, grass-roots activist,” said Charles R.

When she met Herb, Rosa was recently widowed with three children. Today, the house is a pack rat’s clutter of papers, books and boxes, family photos and figurines. “I wasn’t even thinking of the Jackson 5,” she said. it was super confirmation I was doing the right thing.”***The Jacksons were strict parents. The rules, he came to realize, were “a matter of life and death.” In 1990, the year Tito turned 15, Boston logged a record 152 homicides, many not far from his home. They’re saying this, that.’ I’m saying, ‘OK, Tito, but you know we’ve got to move along.’ ”His parents wanted to give him every edge to succeed, so they often sent him to school in a jacket and tie.

Herb and Rosa had four children between them from their previous marriages, what Rosa calls “a beginning of a family.” They both loved children — Herb had grown up with eight in his foster home — and they decided to adopt. The Jacksons knew nothing of the baby’s biological mother, and Tito Jackson didn’t learn about his birth mother’s circumstances until he was in college, he said. He supports legislation that would allow people like him to more easily locate their birth parents. “I see her as a strong, resilient, caring woman, who through a very traumatic experience did something I’m forever thankful for,” he said. “My friends would be like, ‘You know there’s no class picture today, right? Jackson learned how to speak in public by reciting Bible passages before the congregation at church.

The registration drives were meant to build a voter base capable of boosting candidates of color into office, Stith said. Four years later, Jean Mc Guire became the city’s first black school committeewoman.

That same year, 1981, Bruce Bolling was the first African-American elected to City Council in a decade.

My calling is to share blessings with others and ensure my life is faith in action.

Faith is great, but there’s an African proverb: ‘When you pray, move your feet.’ It is so critical for me to step forward and not only say, but most importantly to do.”Politically, he is a progressive Democrat with the instincts of a community organizer, inherited from his late father, Herb, whose example over decades molded Jackson into an activist.

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Marty Walsh survived cancer and addiction to build his public career. Adoptive parents raised him in Grove Hall, between Dorchester and Roxbury, with the Holy Bible and an iron hand, during some of the most violent years in the city’s history.As an undergrad at the University of New Hampshire, Jackson was elected student body president by a nearly all-white school. Jackson has good comic timing and a command of self-deprecating jokes. “I went in skinny.”A friend described Jackson as somebody who knows at least a little bit about everything, so he can gab with just about anybody.Even then, he moved easily among groups and cliques, neither alienating nor settling down with any one of them.***In his district, it seems everybody who Jackson bumps into knows him, and has a story or a bit of news to share. His political style is to persuade by educating; he liberally cites statistics and facts.A doctor had asked him to track down his family medical history; the adoption agency revealed to him that his mother was a 13-year-old girl who had been sexually assaulted by two men, Jackson said. “At that time it was not typical for children to have children. He recalls one embarrassing service when he got the passages late, didn’t have time to practice, and stumbled over big words and long names.I’m eternally grateful.”The circumstances of his birth also suggest his biological father was a rapist. He recalled that when he got the news about his birth mother, he was in training at a sexual harassment and rape prevention program. He felt down on himself, until a congregant kindly sought him out to say he did a great job — he just needed to work on his pronunciations.He has a gift for building relationships; people have long gravitated to him.