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I think everyone at some point thinks about how the world will remember them when they've died.

It's a little more about "it's better to burn out than it is to fade" and I don't see that as egotistical, more just human.

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And then later into the song when they're talking about ray of light fizzling out means that we lost our way and forgot of the love that Jesus had and we've strayed from him.And then also the golden ring as in the halo's and such and how if we are "filthy" we may not enter heaven.This is just how I feel and some of your interpretations have some good points.My friend hates this song with a passion, and it was my ringtone on my phone for when my brother called. "I would gladly bet my life upon it that the ghost you love, Your ray of light will fizzle out without hope." I think that's saying that the person that it is talking about memory will die, too; like Chris said, no one can be immortalized.jus to annoy the hell out of my friend, my brother kept calling me. and the rest of the day, that song played in my head. OK I'm not sure about this one but, I'm pretty sure irs about someone whos significant other left them behind,so they felt as if life wasn't worth it with all the pain,so they ask Miss Murder to come and kill them so they wouldn't have to endure any more pain. It's still sort of a mystery to me, although I have a few favourites [Kurt Cobain; Chris's theory that it's about Davey; James Dean] but then again, I like how cryptic it is.not sure why he would write a song about him lol maybe it's not so much OF him but of the same mistakes that many in his place of power have made....anyways, so the way he stands before the crowd in the video it felt that way, like hiltler on the balcony before the masses of people, and the words...