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It has been a year since Raj and his friends graduated from a premier college in the state and are now working in the city.

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The Irish side were dominant in the scrum, and in prop Ben Betts, secondrow James Ryan and flanker Matthew Cosgrove boasted three players who excelled in all facets of the game.

Outhalf Jimmy O’Brien’s running, handling and decision-making gave time and space to those outside him; something the three quarter line used intelligently for the most part.

Pharrell had done a really short run of ads [for the brand].

He was riding a BMX bike down an alleyway, and he was breakdancing.

He had all of these massive things going on, and he put a lot of energy into it. I was in college at Temple in a Diamond and Dollar Sign button-down shirt, zip-up hoodie, Ice Cream letterman jacket, and the shoes. It was more so of us being in town shooting ads, and they’d be there. To be part of those things, even now as a 34-year-old dad, it’s still crazy to me.

The team would later be continued with a new cast of riders, who would help promote Pharrell’s clothing line and his passion for street culture.

” And they said, “Yeah, absolutely.” This was about 2003 or 2004. I knew the immediate skate community wasn’t going to fuck with it. Granted, he might have done interviews and not said the most relevant things, but I looked at his life on a bigger scale. Here and there I crossed paths with the Clipse and Chad Hugo. They shot the “That Girl” video at the Supreme store with the skate bowl.

He was taking his time out to work with a bunch of skaters, and it’s not easy to do that. We’d be in the same places, but we never got to kick it. They built a miniramp at the American Music Awards for Pharrell’s performance.

It’s so corny looking back it now, but Bobby Hundreds had posted something on his My Space, and I had to message him. I got a job at Ubiq when they first started, so I learned the retail side of things. As a sponsored skateboarder, you’re a walking, talking advertisement. It’s been one big learning experience, as far as my professional career goes. It’s not always recognized, but so many things go back to skating. He’s an adaptation of that era but flash-forwarded to 2016.

It was a picture of the original Ice Cream ad, and it had something in the vein of “Pharrell can’t skate.” I remember hitting Bobby and saying something super ridiculous like, “You’re corny.” I remember going to Bobby’s store for the first time with Nick Tershay. Whether people like it or not, it’s always going to be one of the top influential things. Look at Virgil Abloh: He’s one of the biggest things in pop culture, and he’s a skater. That was a month or two before we got the final phone call from Reebok that the Ice Cream thing was done. It was cool because it was a melting pot of everyone who was important in music at the time.