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A Scorpio will come across as very aloof and detached, reserved too in the first few meetings.

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She complains in mock horror that every trip to the high-end knife shop in D.

C.’s Union Market “costs us about 0.”He’s communicative but not chatty, professionally discreet in the Washington manner.

C., Wagner is the only child of a Burmese mother and a Midwestern father, who worked as a field director in Democratic campaigns, including Ted Kennedy’s 1980 presidential bid.

Her earliest memories, she tells me, involve politics.

A few days after our dinner, just before her show begins, Wagner ducks into a bathroom on the third floor of 30 Rock to change into a green M Missoni dress to go with her Prada flats.

A relative newcomer to television, she approaches the job of hosting cable news less like on-air “talent” than as the political activist and music-magazine editor she used to be.

“The glamour culture in Washington loves anyone who (A) is on TV, (B) is close to the president, and (C) is attractive.

They have all the elements,” says Mark Leibovich, _The New York Times Magazine’_s chief national correspondent and the author of an acerbic survey of the capital, Theirs is a low-key, hypermodern cachet.

I hear about the couple’s favorite New York restaurants: Blue Hill, Carbone, Franny’s, and Vinegar Hill House; about friends in Italy who made the Barbaresco we’re now drinking; and about his hand-forged Carter Cutlery knives, which are produced by a Japanese-trained bladesmith in Oregon.(She will fill the hour formerly held by Martin Bashir, who resigned from the channel after making ugly comments about Sarah Palin.) “She is totally authentic on the air.She’s smart, genuine, and connects with her audience.”Born and raised in Washington, D.“Whenever I talk to her, I feel like I’m talking to an old pro,” says fellow MSNBC host Chris Matthews.“Some people grow up with parents who discuss politics, and some don’t.She’s in the lead, sparkling with stories; he hangs back, gruffly handsome, quick with a smile or laugh.