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[Intro] You know, I want you all to just sit back and think for a second You know what I mean?

Now, there's a lot of haters out there hating on peoples relationships and stuff Don't nobody wanna see you happy They always try to take your joy, bring you down But you gotta be the one to sit by your mate and say "I'm gonna be with you no matter what" You know what I'm saying?

and post funny storiesme and my g/f awhile back were making out and stuff and she lunged at me real fierce like and accidently bit my lip when she went to kiss me and bit to hard so my bottom lip started bleeding i started laughing she thought it was all that we stopped for afew minutes until it stopped bleeding and we resumed the kissing and all like nothin happened.i got real fiesty myself and went for her neck playing around abit bit and sucked on her neck left a real nice hicky lol and afew small bruises from other places i was sucking and all so the next day we got into it again this time she was sucking on the same spot that got busted open and this time she sucked on it so hard and long my bottom lip got bruised which all of this i kept smiling and laughing i told her a little pain is a good thing :-p and she said the bruised lip was for the hicky and stuff lol i was like ah fair is fair you bit me lip you psycho i sorta like the naughty/bad girls always fun sweet little angels are fine for heaven but give me a devil to play with anyway :-)my turn offs haven't found any yet worth mentioning hey come on people u can't catch aids just by reading a thread.don't be scared he' just asking u to talk about kinky stuffjk gameboy i dont think u have aids ..because of the blood thing mabe it scared people awayi myself am not into the whole pain caused by play fighting, nor do i at all like hickies, actually, i hate them, but otherwise, when it comes to pain, during sex, I LOVE IT!

having my partner grab a handfull of hair, fingernails,usually from a woman, down my back, and above all, being SPANKED.

But we gotta put up with each others shit And the easiest thing to do is leave, you dig? [Verse 1] I don't want to lose this relationship So we gotta stay strong, don't wanna move on I know you're sick and tired of the fussing and the fighting, and the cussing Well, I love you ...

A blunt with no dro Ecstasy with no body You get what I'm saying baby?

They are disgusting and vile; and they are being spread by individuals with their own sick agendas.

i know im not alone on this oni am planning to do my first real porno movie(amateur).i already did a couple of them but only short ones with my digital camera.i really like what i saw and heard.i watch them often on my computer and it turns me on so of course i wanna do a longer that i could watch on my giant tv but i dont wanna do a normal movie with normal's gonna be like a private party with alcohol, weed,good music and good sex.hardcore sex like i my favorite ffriend.he's the only one that can really dominate me, hurt me and humiliate me Theres a fine line between pleasure and pain.....wanna come walk it with me??

okay.its a good line..kinda...hehehe I'm all for nails...biting....spanking....tugging..whipping occasionally..however Im not soooo hip on the blood thing....