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Derfor spør de først om det alltid har vært slik, hva skjer når du onanerer alene?

Who is louie vito dating

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“And then, [at Stratton] it was cool—I got to travel a lot and it opened up a lot of doors for me. This year’s Vancouver games marked his first Olympics.

And while Vito didn’t get a podium spot in the half-pipe event (he finished fifth), he left Vancouver with a resolve to conquer the half-pipe come 2014.

You and Shaun White are known for doing Double Corks and other crafty tricks on the half-pipe. But it’s not intense, it’s not like we have this huge beef going.

It’s definitely cool to have someone like him leading because you always want someone pushing you and pushing you to keep riding better and better. Shaun’s hair’s pretty flowing, but I like my hair more, obviously.

Halfpipe specialist Louie Vito is climbing the ranks of the snowboarding scene and is speeding up on the heels of Shawn White for performing the most radical vertical moves.

Five years ago, Louie's Backside 1080 at the Australian Open was the first time any snowboarder had landed this move in competition.

I love dropping into the halfpipe with this in my headphones." 3. Bjork — "99 Red Balloons" "This song is in one of my favorite snowboard videos of all time, Gigi Ruff's part in , so every time it comes on when I am riding, I am inspired." 5. Madonna — "Like a Prayer" "This song make me get up to sing and dance... We listened to it everyday as we made our way to the hill." 6.

Every day heading up to the hill for a contest or a practice day Greg [Bretz, fellow Olympian and her boyfriend] and I blast this in the truck to get excited and just let all the jitters out." 2. Alicia Keys — "Empire State of Mind" "This song has a great beat to ride to... Rihanna — "Live Your Life" "I love to compete to this song... Led Zeppelin — "Fool in the Rain" "When it's time to just chill, this is perfect to just sit on the couch and relax to." 8. Pat Benatar — "Heartbreaker" "My favorite karaoke song to date."Torah Bright 1. Kim Carnes — "Bette Davis Eyes" "I love the oldies and this song just makes me happy! The Beatles — "Let It Be" "Too many good Beatles songs to choose from, so this is here to represent the Beatles! Cat Stevens — "Lady D' Arbanville" "In New Zealand this year we had one CD in the car. Fleetwood Mac — "Go Your Own Way" "This song came on in the car with my fiance and we both started singing our hearts out!

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But music at the world's biggest sporting event won't end there — Rolling Stone asked some of the games' best athletes what songs keep them motivated and got a wide range of responses: Lady Gaga, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Clipse, Bob Dylan the Strokes and A Tribe Called Quest all have a spot on playlists belonging to figure skater Johnny Weir and snowboarders Louie Vito, Gretchen Bleiler, Elena Hight, Torah Bright and Scotty Lago.

” I’m like, hiking up a half pipe every single time, and you’re not at sea level. But you’re hanging out with friends, pushing each other.

It’s all about riding with the crew, because those are the people that are gonna push you. I’m barely home at all so when I can get home I like hang out.

The Columbus, Ohio, native had been schooling the slopes from an early age, riding first with Louie Sr., his dad, and then heading off to the Stratton Mountain School in Vermont, juggling class time, schoolwork and a full slate of snowboard training. Just an understanding of, ‘Wow, here’s something I wanna do for the rest of my life.’” Vito hasn’t looked back.

“My dad would always be just as stoked as me to go snowboarding,” says Vito. Since finishing at Stratton, he’s gone on to compete in a slew of professional competitions, including first-place finishes at the Grand Prix events in 20, and a first-place finish at the 2008 Jeep King of the Mountain event.