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Related: Lauren Says That Marriage Has Changed Her For The Better Now, we're learning more about exactly what we saw on MTV this week, and thanks to an exclusive interview Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt just gave , it turns out that a LOT of people were apparently left in the dark! She quit thinking they were going to cancel the show. I don't think either of us hold any negative feelings and we both appreciate the times that we were friends… The times that I talked to her were times that I called her, I reached out.

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Unsurprisingly, since Moonves is a member of the Board of Directors, it should come as no surprise to learn that he has invested a fair amount of money into the corporation as well.

To be exact, Moonves is great-nephew to Paula Ben-Gurion, a Russian immigrant to the United States who met her future husband in New York City when he was visiting a friend’s home.

Married to Julie Chen Moonves has been married twice.

If no deal is reached, the House of Moonves and Rebel Entertainment are heading toward a maybe not-so-civil faceoff over the big bucks Rebel says it is owed by the celebrity judge and the network.

With the million annual salary of the former family court judge near the heart of Rebel’s action, L. Superior Court Judge Yvette Plazuelos also said Wednesday during a status conference that a final status conference will be held October 17, 2017.