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The more she blends the two, the less she's able to lead a normal life.She adds that when a star talks about his or her personal life during a promo tour, it takes away from the project itself.In her free time, she transforms into the 27-year-old movie star, whose facial features are near-identical to hers.

“We’re being ninjas,” she says with a conspiratorial grin as she digs in a big black rucksack of books.The actress, 25, has never publicly confirmed the relationship but is believed to have been dating the American tech entrepreneur for 18 months.His mum Katherine told The Daily Mirror that she would be delighted to have Watson as a daughter-in-law.She said: ‘I have met Emma, and she’s a wonderful girl.‘We don’t see them very often because he’s busy and working very hard.’ Knight, who has a twin brother, graduated from Princeton and reportedly makes 0,000 (£120,000) a year.And Emma Watson was seen for the first time since breaking her silence on the news that has rocked Hollywood, enjoying a night out at London's Children Firehouse on Saturday.