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Gentle and often rather passive as well, he will not fight or assert himself, even when he needs to.Ville Valo is very sympathetic and somewhat naive emotionally and must guard against being taken advantage of.He is cautious and serious about love and really desires deep, genuine, lasting relationships.Ville Valo is old-fashioned about courtship and love relationships, and will remain faithful to his loved one in good times and in bad.Variety, excitement, spontaneity, and freedom are quite important to Ville, and "settling down" is not that appealing.Ville Valo tends to surround himself with unusual, creative, unconventional people that keep his life lively.Ville Valo often tries to "cheer up" or offer philosophical advice to those who are hurting, but he unwittingly avoids or ignores the emotions involved.

Ville Valo experiences powerful, compelling emotional and sexual attractions, and he may feel that he has little choice or control over his desires.

Ville Valo is impressionable and rather gentle, or at least that is the way he appears.

His feelings are on the surface and Ville cannot hide his emotions.

Ville Valo has a magnetic personality, are unconventional, and a bit unpredictable.

Ville loves to flirt and is likely to have sudden romantic relationships that do not always last.