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Columbus used the Portuguese version of his name while in Portugal and the Spanish version after moving to Spain in 1485.

Columbuss father was Domenico Colombo, a wool weaver who was also involved in local politics.

The Portuguese had already begun exploring Africa in the early 1400s, and in 1415 they invaded northern Africa and conquered the Muslim commercial center of Ceuta on the Strait of Gibraltar.

This gained the Portuguese access to the lucrative African trade, which, until that time, had been dominated by the Muslims.

European merchants could still buy Asian goods from Muslims in places such as Alexandria, Egypt.

In a lost letter, Columbus supposedly related to his son how Ren I, duke of the French province of Anjou, had commissioned Columbus to make a surprise attack on a large Spanish ship sailing off the coast of North Africa.

Understanding Christopher Columbus is difficult without understanding the world into which he was born.

The 15th century was a century of change, and many events that occurred during that time profoundly affected European society.

Many of these events were driven by the centuries-long conflict between Christians and Muslims, followers of the religion known as Islam.

The event that had the most far-reaching effects on Europe in the 15th century was the fall of the city of Constantinople (modern Istanbul, Turkey) to the Muslim Ottoman Empire.