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We absolutely love learning about celebrities who coupled up in the past. For example, did you know that Colin Hanks and Busy Philipps used to date?They definitely did — and have since formed an amazing friendship that we truly admire.In the years since, they've attended several awards shows together, appeared on each other's social media accounts, and have even co-starred once more, on a 2013 episode of Philipps' show It's so sweet that the two ladies have stayed close after all these years, and that they still support each other when it comes to awards season and everything else.Here's hoping that their bond stays strong for years to come.They have a longstanding tradition of taking on the red carpet as a team, and since they've been friends since filming together over a decade ago, it's no surprise that Williams would want to keep one of the most important people in her life by her side on such an important night.

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"If you find yourself neglecting a friendship or avoiding friendship, ask yourself, ' Why? "Is it because I am ready to part with this friendship, or is it because I have been so busy and it’s time to nurture my friendship?romance, it can be tough to make sure everyone in your circle feels valued.To make sure your friendships are being treated with care, ask yourself if you're giving enough time to your closest pals, and whether both parties are benefitting from that time.Now that award season has come back around, I love finding out who the nominees choose to bring as their dates.Sometimes, it's their spouse, a sibling, or a parent... So why did Michelle Williams bring Busy Philipps to the 2017 Oscars?Hanks and Philipps both recoil a bit (since, uh — awkward) but handle it like champs.