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The Geological Column is often depicted as sequences of fossil layers known as strata, with the simplest fossils on the bottom and more complex ones on top.

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Specifically, they contain Potassium-40, which is a radioactive isotope of potassium.The fact that bananas are radioactive has actually given rise to the radiation unit: “banana equivalent dose” (BED); this is the average amount of radiation you are exposed to by eating one banana.

allopatric speciation: Speciation that occurs when two or more populations of a species are geographically isolated from one another sufficiently that they do not interbreed. There are 20 main amino acids in the proteins of living things, and the properties of a protein are determined by its particular amino acid sequence.

In a diploid cell there are usually two alleles of any one gene (one from each parent).

Within a population there may be many different alleles of a gene; each has a unique nucleotide sequence.

Peaks on the landscape correspond to genotypic frequencies at which the average fitness is high, valleys to genotypic frequencies at which the average fitness is low. adaptive logic: A behavior has adaptive logic if it tends to increase the number of offspring that an individual contributes to the next and following generations.

If such a behavior is even partly genetically determined, it will tend to become widespread in the population.