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Bill Prady and Steve Molaro, who write and produce it, asked if he'd be interested in being on an episode.

I clearly remember standing in my kitchen, I was making us dinner, and he walks in and said, "The writers on Anne: Half an hour later, he was on the phone with them. I went several times, then our son Ryan went with him one of the times ...

Wil: There's a whole chapter in my book about that, where Anne and the kids went away for vacation, and I was going to go with them but I had auditions …

They had a great time, but the auditions were terrible.

When Anne met Wil, she had no idea about his days as a reluctant after tweeting about it, but not so famous that they're constant prey for paparazzi.

Anne is an avid advocate for animals and serves on the board of directors at the Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA; together, they raise money for assorted charities through their organization, . 31, 1995, and our friend Stephanie was having a New Year's Eve party that neither one of us wanted to go to. It just kind of happened that we both ended up going to this thing.

They didn't care that I was there, and they shouldn't.

Anne: He was 23 when I met him, so he was going back to acting and doing all his training. When he was struggling to figure out what he wanted to do, my thought was, I didn't know any different, so I didn't feel like, "How come you don't have the career you had before?

" I didn't start dating him or marry him because of success that he had in the past.

Between the two of them, they have almost 4 million Twitter followers. I saw Anne and she was cute, and I was a nerd and I was afraid to talk to her.

Anne: About halfway through the night, our friend comes over to me and she said, "My friend Wil thinks you're cute." My New Year's resolution was no men for six months, so I didn't think anything of it.