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In civil cases of malpractice or product liability, the individual may be dead or alive.

Either way, I have to reconstruct their life stories from all available evidence.

Several coaches and teachers told the same story about meeting her in the halls or at a ball game.

She was always the only student to break away from her group of peers to come over to them to say hello and to ask how they were doing.

Then the judge put a stay on incarcerating her until the case is appealed, and he allowed her to go home on probation.

I was the only psychiatric and medication expert on either side, and I testified on behalf of Michelle.

Michelle’s life story seemed literally too good to be true, and in some ways it was.

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Although a much better player than most of the players on their highly competitive teams, Michelle never put winning above the feelings of her teammates.

I have been traveling a great deal lately to testify in court as a psychiatric expert and to give workshops and talks at conferences.

Because she has been so much on my mind and occupied so much of my attention and time, I have asked people in airports, on planes, in taxis and in hotels if they had heard about the girl who supposedly told her boyfriend to kill himself.

In her small town of Plainville, Massachusetts, this was no small accomplishment.

The school and the community of about 8,000 prided itself on winning softball championships and sending girls off to college to continue their athletic careers.