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He joined the online dating site OKCupid six years ago, about three years before he transitioned.
When asked if he uses the app himself, the creator said, "I try go on every day.

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When I finally got an i Phone I got carried away with all the messaging apps.

Meanwhile I was spending way too much time getting girls to meet up In a word, fragmentation.

I don't even bother to delete the girls who don't reply or reply with some kind of rude or dismissive message. It's just a matter of if/when our interests finally align.

I've had girls not reply to a single message of mine for months and then all of a sudden enthusiastically agree to meet me for a place. If you have the volume, you can easily have a date Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

You're not going to remember which girl corresponds with which name in your phone once you have over a hundred numbers. As good as this system is, if you live out in the boonies, it's not going to do you much good. I used to live in Ladprao which is a bit out of the way but it also meant that when a girl decided to meet me, she was basically investing so much time and energy to get there that to NOT get the pipe would be a terrible waste. It's also not really necessary to go out of your way to hook up a bartender or door man. Ideally, a corner table in an airy bar where you can amp up the touching and maybe even get a little naughty before bouncing to your grotto of love. forgive my ignorance I never really bothered with online game but in SEA it seems to be a real option another thing which dating site can you recommend? The last time I got laid with a similar method it made me feel bad and I couldnt wait to get rid of the girl.

This post is for the guys who spend a good amount of time in Bangkok but are too busy with their businesses or whatever else to hit the clubs several times a week or pound the pavement during the day.

Or if you just aren't a huge party bar/club type guy, and I certainly am not, this will work for you too.

Quick distinction: efficiency is doing something well, even if it's the wrong thing (e.g.

trying to message a million girls on all these different apps).