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After coming back home, Tấm calls the goby up as usual, but nothing goes up but blood. Again she cries, the old man appears and she explains what happens.He calls sparrows down to help her and teach her a recitement to prevent them from eating paddies and rice: O sparrows, go down and separate these for me Eat a grain, and I will beat you to dead (Original: Rặt rặt xuống nhặt cho tao Ăn mất hạt nào thì tao đánh chết) The old man then tells her to dig up those jars that she has buried previously, and in the first two jars appear silk clothes, a scarf, and a red yếm.Not forgetting her father's death day despite the fulfilling life in king's palace, she comes back home to help her stepmother preparing for the anniversary. The stepmother tells Tấm to climb on an areca tree to gather its fruit for the ceremony.While Tấm doing so, the stepmother chops down the tree, leaving her fall down and die.The crone notices that the housework is done when she gets home. It was prepared the same style Tấm did, so the king suspects and asks who made it. The king wants to see her, and she appears to be Tấm. Later when Tấm has returned to the palace, Cám asks Tấm about her beauty secret, Tấm does not answer but asking back: "Do you want to be beautiful? For example, the story up until Tấm marries the king coincide Cinderella's plot, in which both of them are mistreated by stepmothers, prohibited from going to a festival with their stepmothers forcing them to separate grains, and are recognised by the king/prince by their lost shoe.The next day she pretends to leave, but then tore of the peel of the fruit when Tấm goes out, and she makes her her adopted daughter. The story inspired the newly made movie Tam Cam: the Untold Story.Realising that, Cám tells Tấm to wash her hair, as the stepmother will scold her if her hair is so muddy.

While weaving clothes, she hears Tấm accusing her for stealing her husband, cursing her and threatening to "hack her eyes". Mẹ ăn thịt con, có còn xin miếng.") The stepmother angers, but when she finally reaches the bottom of the jar, she discovers Cám's skull inside and immediately dies of shock.

Prying in her behaviour, the stepmother and the half-sister discover the fish as well as the poem by which Tấm summons it. Soon after, the king hosts a festival lasting days, which attracts people from everywhere, and these three are not exceptions.

The stepmother plans to distance Tấm in order to kill the fish: "My daughter, the village has prohibited using the field; tomorrow you should graze our buffaloes far away, or they shall seize them." Tấm obeys her stepmother, which allows them to butcher the goby. Noticing that Tấm also want to join, the stepmother mixes up rice and paddy that she has to separate them before joining the festival, and threatens to punish her if she does not have it done by the time they back from the festival.

Curiously, the king commands his mans to looking underwater, and they find the slipper.

He observes the slipper for a while and comments that the shoe must belong to a gracious woman.