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She said such sites can be risky, as some people use them as way to meet and exploit vulnerable people.

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Will her quest be derailed by what she has learned about some of her fellow freaks?caught up with Bassett to discuss what's ahead for her character in the final few episodes of the season now that some of the freak show's biggest secrets have been revealed.And I think she's hoping that it will manifest itself in some real, lasting way.Where have you felt the strongest personal connection to Desiree?

Well, you never know where the greatest harm is, do you? The darkness of a man's heart — you never know what's lurking around the corner or who's the darkest, really. She's been at it a long time — well, they all have; they've all had to fight their entire lives, but I think she has a good chance, good instincts. They killed me last season, and I'd like a little bit of love this season!And when she finds that person who fights for her and fights for the underdog, I think she's found that side of herself [too].She stands up to Dell when it goes a bit too far and when her back's up against the wall.and that was enough for me because the writers are magnificent and the things they give us to do are always exciting. And she imagined those things for herself [either way].Without a doubt at some point, when I read their scripts, I'm going to [scream] or laugh or clutch the pearls or something! Her chances of that happy homemaker life are much greater with Angus (Malcolm Jamal Warner) than Dell (Michael Chiklis), though.These individuals come from various backgrounds and places and origins and are so different from one another and yet so the same in that they want to love, and they want to take care of each other, and they want to be validated, and they just want to be seen — they just want the opportunity to be seen.