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Vz navigator updating location

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Our privacy policy provides details about the information we collect, how we use it, and your options regarding certain uses of information.The following information provides additional detail about practices that are specific to the Verizon Messages Application.When you send a Glympse message, your phone number and device location information will be made available to message recipients.Your name and picture may also be available if you have set your messages up in that way.The Glympse location messaging feature is offered through an agreement with Glympse, Inc.When you use the Glympse feature, information is collected and used by Verizon and Glympse and use of this information is covered by both the Verizon privacy policy as well as Glympse’s privacy policy.

You have choices about the Glympse feature and the duration of device location information that is sent with your messages.

We collect and use location information, mobile telephone number and mobile device identifiers, information about your contacts when you request navigation to a contact’s address, information about your travel and speed, and information about your use of VZ Navigator services.

This information is used to deliver, maintain and support the service; to enhance application features; to customize and personalize your in-application experiences including the advertisements you see; and to provide information to social network and others who have plug-ins in the application.

When you are in any data entry screen, you can simply press and hold the “send” button on your phone. After you hear the tone, you simply speak the address into your phone.

Then your phone will record this address as your desired destination, use its GPS receiver to determine it’s current GPS coordinates, and provide you with spoken turn by turn directions to the destination.