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According to the app, you can do many things with your virtual boyfriend including: "engage in conversation, take actions, do activities together, get him new outfits to wear." The site adds, "He even responds to your touch!

" (Nothing creepy about that, whatsoever..)There's a "Free to Date" version, and a more advanced VB who is a cheap date at 99 cents. )Within a few seconds, I met my virtual boyfriend, who had dark hair, square glasses, and a polo shirt and scarily resembled my husband Michael...except he didn't.

If you don't, they can seem like total creepers.

Lately "virtual boyfriend" apps have entered the dating marketplace that squarely fit into the "creepy" category—at least from my vantage point.

Unlike the other apps in this category, Boyfriend Plus has a sexual chat and math chat.

You can flirt with your boyfriend by asking him to explain the quadratic formula (because nothing says "sexy" like solving systems of linear equations), and you can end the night by telling him everything you'd want to.....together.

Boyfriend Plus In 2012, this game was called "Boyfriend Maker" and became the No.1 free app in Japan.

It was removed by Apple after controversy surrounded its aggressive sexual chat, and the fact that it was available to users "four years old" and above.

If you like the person pursuing you, it's romantic.

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