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This site was developed by nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes, evidenced by the lack of permanent housing in the vicinity and may be the oldest known human-made place of worship.

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But at stake is an incentive, from Rs20 to Rs30, for stretching a conversation beyond an hour.

It is substantial for the women, but achieving it is a challenge.

“I cannot imagine myself listening to a man describing how he would like to take me to bed,” says a woman who goes by the avatar Khushi on Airtel’s voice chat service. If the man gets too sexual right at the beginning, I ask him about his mother and sisters. Sometimes I also keep him on hold for more than 10 minutes to speak to another caller.

And when I return to the call, I find the man is still there.” Info This blog is about making Mumbai your home.

For an outsider like me, who came to Mumbai recently, this blog is a DIY and a self help forum rolled into one.

In her voice chat avatar, Zara claims to be 18, but she is 29 and lives in one of the poorer colonies of Bandra (East).She says most women listed on the voice chat services offered by cellular operators like Airtel and Vodafone were actually recruited for call centres.Only during the interview did they learn that these ‘call centres’ were not the regular ones.T-Mobile has teamed with developer Vivox to create a web-based voice chat app that runs in Facebook.The app is called Bobsled and lets you start voice chats with your Facebook friends from within Facebook's chat window.We think there's huge potential here if it catches on, and could start eating into Skype's territory once Bobsled allows video chat and calls to landlines and mobile numbers.