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On the inside wall of your amp cabinet, there may be a tube location sticker which shows the tube layout, model number, production location etc..

There may also be some letter date codes rubber stamped on this sticker.

We recently discovered this 5XL at Trade Up Music, a local music shop in Portland (see posting: How It All Began…). It appeared to be all original, except for two replaced vacuum tubes, and was fully functional.

But I suspect that even later models were built for Sears by others, maybe using leftover Danelectro parts?

It is clad in an equally cheap, thin green vinyl that stretches and tears easily.

The cabinet is built from cheap pressed board and the speaker baffle is 1/8-inch thick Masonite.

Up until 1968 or so, the Silvertone line of electric guitar amps were built for Sears by the Danelectro company of Neptune, New Jersey.

For example, if you find pots from late ‘64 and transformers from early ’65, you can be pretty sure your amp is a 1965.We will strive to make each review rich with information and content, including inside gut shots, electrical schematics, audio, video, manufacturer specs and more. But Danelectro was purchased by MCA in 1967 and was, unfortunately, out of business by 1969.Since t Summary: Five watts of hand-wired boutique tube heaven for a fraction of the cost. This particular sample appears to have been built in December of 1968, so it’s possible that it could be a Danelectro original.Note that speakers also use the same type of date code.Always remember that pots, speakers and transformers may have been changed!!If three digits are present, the first digit would refer the units of the year i.e. If four digits are present, the first two digits refer to the year i.e. The last two digits would refer to the week of the year i.e.