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You’re in for a whole world of pain here: it won’t (automatically) work on other machines, it may not build in a CI environment and it’s probably going to mean configuration on the server beyond just deploying it.

You get a lot of stuff in project templates these days. What often happens is developers compile then commit the bin and obj files to source control.For example, perhaps a library needs to be manually installed into the GAC or a particular product installed on the host OS, point is that you can’t just pull the project and run it.Now arguably there are cases where you simply can’t avoid this, but it should be a last resort not just because it makes life hard to integrate with your mates but also because it cuts down your hosting options.Although the qualification of names in your program source code can be coordinated at any level in the 'apparent' hierarchy, you still have to pick the right namespace to reference. Hi, We add our telerik DLL's to source control and point to relative references in the solution. Would you please confirm that you are using Add referenced assemblies to solution feature while upgrading in order to add the Telerik Dlls under the source control? We're going to clear that up in this Quick Tip. Instead, it's simply a coding convenience that allows shorter names to be used. To illustrate this idea, we're going to use the System. The most visible effect of this is that the Visual Studio "Intellisense" will help you find the objects in popup menu boxes.