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Validating web form controls using dhtml

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The following table compares the information exposed on the page.In some instances, you might prefer not to use client-side validation and to use only server-side validation, even if client-side validation is available.NET validation controls can perform validation using client script.Because the controls can provide immediate feedback without a round trip to the server, the user experience with the page is enhanced.

Furthermore, it's unnatural to conceptualize the steps of validation as of the data to be validated.

For example, if you were describing the input, you might say, "It should be between five and eight characters; it should be numeric and non-negative; it should always end in the digit '5,' etc." The concept of considering the data qualities rather than the validation process leads to the validation engine discussed in this article.

A modular, data-driven validation engine approach provides a more natural interface, more flexibility, and is easier to maintain.

Note that the method in the example takes a Control as its first argument.

That allows the single Error Provider to simultaneously handle error messages for a multiplicity of controls.