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This can now be accessed by global users and from there the business could be established.

RPC (Remote procedure calls) are sometimes blocked by firewalls and proxy servers. There are some standard rules to be followed while building SOAP requests. The above said elements should be declared with default namespace for the SOAP envelope.

Let us see some other important protocols: (Resource Description Framework): RDF contains the description of the web resources such as title, author, content, and copyright information.

This framework was designed so that computers can be read and understood easily by the web. RDF data can be transferred between different types of computers using different operating systems and programming languages.

These labels are known as tags and the one with the forward slash (/) along with the text, that is called closing tag. Hypothetically, XML can handle storing actual data and HTML applies the format for the content.

Thereby the textbook could have information as well as attractive images and colours. As XML is a common language on Internet, it can be integrated with Soap UI because web services are mostly written in the form of XML.

This will communicate through the SOAP protocol which will be explored later in this tutorial.

Say, for example, if you wish to advertise your products to the global customers you could create a web service and host it through UDDI.

Nowadays web services play a major role in Internet applications.About the authors: Karunagara Pandi and Swati Seela are helping us to deliver this comprehensive series of Soap UI and Soap UI pro tutorials.Karunagara is having 10 years of IT and Software Testing experience on Automation and Manual testing projects.The client sends a web request to the server and the server then responds to the client.This response will differ based on the web service request type.Let us now take some time for a brief introduction of the web services.