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Validating querystring

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With this configuration, if we make a request to specify a validator for all possible query parameters that you would like to accept.

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In either case, you must make two changes in the Web.config file. This setting makes request validation occur later in the sequence of request processing events. NET MVC application, you must change request validation to occur earlier in the sequence of request processing, as explained earlier for ASP. In the Web.config file, make the following setting: In ASP.

The comments in the following code snippet indicate which lines of code trigger request validation and which ones do not.

manually check the unvalidated user input for potentially dangerous input.

Request validation helps prevent this kind of attack. NET detects any markup or code in a request, it throws a "potentially dangerous value was detected" error and stops page processing.

Request validation throws this exception when any HTML markup is detected, including harmless markup like (bold) elements.