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Validating null in pl sql

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As an example say I only have my CK_Paryroll_Salary Type check constraint on my payroll Table. It fails because the Salary Type has been typed wrong, and is not “ Hourly”, “ Monthly”, or “ Annual”. Clearly, “ NULL” is not in the valid list of Salary Types.Just to refresh your memory here is that check constraint: What do you think will happen? The reason the second INSERT statement worked is that the CK_Payroll_Salary Type constraint did not equate to FALSE when the second INSERT statement was run.A check constraint consists of a logical expression to identify what is a valid expression.The logical expression may be a single expression like “ Salary Here I have a CHECK clause that is associated with the Salary column. If you create a column level constraint, you can only refer to the column name in the logical expression of your check constraint.

To implement this constraint I could use the following ADD CONSTRAINT clause: Here I have used multiple column conditions together and separated them with an “or” condition so my check constraint could validate the Salary amount for each of the different Salary Type’s.Therefore, in this example the check constraint verifies that a Salary is greater than .00 and less than 0,000.00.When either one of these conditions in the check constraint evaluates to FALSE a row will not be inserted, or updated in the Payroll table, and an error message will be displayed.Note this CHECK clause will cause SQL Server to generate a check constraint name because I didn’t give this constraint a name.Sometimes after you have designed and created a table, you want to place a check constraint on a table.A check constraint is a rule that identifies acceptable column values for data in a row within a SQL Server table. Domain integrity defines the valid values for columns within a database table.