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6: e20599.103.) Sun J, Wang S, Zhao D, Hun FH, Weng L, Liu H. (2011) "Matrix metalloproteinase-2 and -9 secreted by leukemic cells increase the permeability of blood-brain barrier by disrupting tight junction proteins." PLo S One. (2012) "A subset of group A-like var genes encodes the malaria parasite ligands for binding to human brain endothelial cells." Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 102.) Feng S, Cen J, Huang Y, Shen H, Yao L, Wang Y, Chen Z. (2016) Effect of Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor on Endothelial Cells and Osteoblasts Biomed Res Int. 8: e79760.101.) Claessens A, Adams Y, Ghumra A, Lindergard G, Buchan CC, Andisi C, Bull PC, Mok S, Gupta AP, Wang CW, Turner L, Arman M, Raza A, Bozdech Z, Rowe JA. (2016) Matrix metalloproteinase 9 induces endothelial-mesenchymal transition via Notch activation in human kidney glomerular endothelial cells BMC Cell Biol. 116.) Yan, X., Cao, J., Liang, L., Wang, L., Gao, F., Yang, Z., Duan, J., Chang, T., Deng, S., Liu, Y., Dou, G., Zhang, J., Zheng, Q., Zhang, P. (2016) mi R-342-5p Is a Notch Downstream Molecule and Regulates Multiple Angiogenic Pathways Including Notch, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Transforming Growth Factor Beta Signaling J Am Heart Assoc. (2005) "Anti-angiogenic activity of the mutant Dutch A(beta) peptide on human brain microvascular endothelial cells." Brain Res Mol Brain Res. (2016) Melittin suppresses cathepsin S-induced invasion and angiogenesis via blocking of the VEGF-A/VEGFR-2/MEK1/ERK1/2 pathway in human hepatocellular carcinoma Oncol Lett. 44: 2228-34.109.) Paris D, Ait-Ghezala G, Mathura VS, Patel N, Quadros A, Laporte V, Mullan M.Or Cam My Reader took all the stress out of reading in a work setting.It was discreet, quick, simple, and made me feel inclusive.

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