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Updating xcode

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Don’t forget to clean up your shell environment if you previously referred to anything under /Developer.

So for example, if you added /Developer/usr/bin to your PATH and /Developer/usr/share/man to your MANPATH you will need to prepend /Applications/ to these settings in your shell login script.

You can choose to run it once or install a launch agent that will trigger the tool every time any of your installed plugins are modified or Xcode/Xcode-beta gets updated.

This tool also allows you to unsign Xcode in order to run plugins on Xcode 8 and later.

It is somewhat odd to be developing on a Mac that does not have a /Developer directory.

One immediate impact of this will be on any scripts you have that rely on command-line tools that previously lived in /Developer.

New capabilities, new OS SDK, minor visual changes (which I’m always a fan of), and in recent years — new version of Swift.

In many cases, changes have to be made and the code needs to be upgraded to the latest version of Swift in order for it to compile with the newest OS SDK. In the past, I was working with small teams where we were upgrading to the new version of Xcode on the day of release, since more times than not there were only small changes to be made. Xcode 8, among other things, comes with Swift 3 which requires major work on our code. It is very important to keep up to date with all the latest technologies from Apple — even if I don’t have actual use for it in my work project.

This tool adds the missing UUIDs into the installed Xcode plugins so that they can be loaded by newer versions of Xcode.Probably because xcrun doesn't really support i OS 10.3.If you click "run" in Visual Studio, your app will get deployed, but doesn't start and Visual Studio doesn't ever complete the build process.The crash report will generally include the name of the responsible plugin.If unsure, start removing your plugins one by one until you find the culprit.As if all the excitement of Mountain Lion was not enough for this week Apple has also pushed out Xcode 4.3.