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For right now, we only mention it so that if you’re thinking of coming to Ting and you’ve got your eye on an i Phone 4 or 4S, you’re aware that there will soon be other options.Forewarned is four-armed, as the saying almost goes.For example, pandowdies were historically made with apples and bread dough.In my revised recipe, I combined peaches and blueberries and exchanged the traditional bread dough for a buttery pastry topped with sliced almonds.A buckle, a tender yellow cake topped with fruit and a streusel topping, is a kind of crumb cake.My version features a rich yellow cake batter with fresh apricots and raspberries, both in the cake and on top. Most likely it has to do with the fact that the streusel topping sinks (or buckles) into the cake at irregular intervals, but maybe it’s just that your knees will buckle when you taste how delicious it is.A pandowdy—sweetened fruit baked with a topping of dough—dates back to Colonial times.This simple dessert probably came about when a housewife had a lump of dough left over from breadmaking and figured it would make a nice topping for fruit, which usually meant apples.

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This is a delicious dish of sugared and spiced apples layered with butter-toasted breadcrumbs.

Calvados (French apple brandy) or apple cider and vanilla are poured over the apples for extra flavor and moistness.

Apple pandowdy was immortalized in a 1940s song by Dinah Shore, where she rhapsodized about the dessert’s ability “to make the sun come out when heavens are cloudy.” Today, pandowdies aren’t limited to apples and bread doughs.

Here, a round of rich, pre-baked pastry is set over a mix of spliced peaches and blueberries.