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Updating sql server from access

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Don’t do massive update queries using Access If you ever need to update a lot of records at once, say, increase pricing on all items by 10%, you’re much better off doing the update via a pass-thru query or on the server directly. Limiting data to just a fraction of records at any given time.Don’t load more data than you need to I’ve bounded forms to tables with several million records with no problem, how? Here’s how: Say you have a table of customers called tbl Customers and that the primary key is Customer ID, to load just one customer in your frm Customers form you would use the following syntax: Where lng Customer ID is a variable holding the Customer ID you wish to see.Burn users with a difficult-to-use or slow interface, and they'll toast your reputation.You could spend a lot of time reinventing the wheel, or you could use Access—a relational database on its own.Coming up with an easy-to-use interface that your users can learn quickly is just as critical.Choosing the wrong tool for this process can leave you, the consultant who's supposed to know all the answers, looking somewhat incompetent.Traditionally, a pass-through query is written in the server's native dialect and then passed to the server.

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Many developers mistake Access for a true server database because you often find an Access database split into two files: one file contains the tables and the other file contains the interface objects.You can continue to use Access with other relational databases using pass-through queries and linked tables; you just can't use an ADP to link to Oracle or DB2, for instance.A pass-through query allows you to speak to a non-SQL Server database.Do design your SQL Server tables for optimum performance with Access Make sure you follow my guidelines for designing SQL Server tables with Access: If you store your password with your linked tables you’re just asking for it if it falls into the wrong hands.Instead use Ben Clothier’s method when linking tables, or recreate and delete them when your app starts and quits.Now you have the Access Data Project (ADP), which is much cleaner and easier to work with.