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The last time I used Slackware, I fell behind in my security updates, mostly because you need to use upgradepkg and can’t make it easier by using pkgtool directly.

(Believe me, there are a lot of EASY Slackware console utilities that, in some ways, make Slack a cakewalk to configure).

Feel free to use your favorite GUI or console editor.

I open a terminal, su to root and do this: # mousepad /etc/group When I’m done, I save the file in Mousepad and close the window.

If we are to move the affected system to a host with prior build (199239) and reinstall the older tools, it will work again.

When creating your first user account, make sure you pick the right groups.

I got slapt-get from the GNOME Slackbuild site, and after my first attempt at installing GNOME didn’t go so well, the second time I installed Slackware this go-round, I commented out the GNOME Slackbuild mirror (I can always uncomment it later) and updated my Slackware packages only. At this point, I’m pretty happy with Slackware the way it is, especially with slapt-get, so I’m holding off on adding GNOME.

Slackware is a bit unusual as far as Linux distributions go in that it doesn’t create a user account during the installation process. In order to have control over the CD-ROM, plug-in USB drives and audio, I type in the following additional groups for my first user account (i.e.

After the installation is complete, you need to log in as root with the password you chose during the install. I do this before starting X: # adduser It’s pretty simple. account: audio,disk,floppy,video,plugdev,cdrom,wheel If and when you create additional user accounts, you can either add them to these groups or not. I’d probably leave out a few of these for my additional users; I don’t think they’d need disk or floppy, and I wouldn’t want them to have wheel.

hi all, We've just recently updated our ESX 3.5 host to build # 213532.

We have both Windows 2003 and Ubuntu running on the hosts.