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Updating road runner modem drivers

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I think you can still buy a non-e MTA modem and use the Brighthouse supplied modem for your telephone.

Brighthouse won't charge you for the telephone modem.

Charter has now bought Time Warner and Bright House TV and internet businesses and is beginning the process of rebranding it Spectrum. (If you're not in a former Time Warner/Bright House area and have Spectrum internet, go here to find modems: Charter Approved Modems.) Below are the most popular modems on the Time Warner/Spectrum Approved Modem List and that can be bought at Amazon, Walmart or Best Buy.

I'm assuming that: even tho TW doesn't recommend this model I should be able to get them to register it if it duplicates what I now have I bought the Netgear Nighthawk Modem and router all in one and it is so future proof.

With 24x8 ability and the auto 2.4Ghs and 5Ghz my 2 wired computers are running at 2.4(because they are not wireless anyways) but the best part is ALL of my other devices are running 5G. With the AC1900 1.6Gbps and with Beamforming=, it has a range all around my house and front and back yards of full strength.

This modem is TWC approved and if you see sites saying Xfinity only, do not believe it because they have not updated their sites. With its Genie software for both PC and mobile devices, all modem settings can be done in seconds without the need to sign in through a browser.

Just thought i would add this comment so that this cablemodem/router can be added to the list. That router and any other WIFI router will work with Time Warner.