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Updating mp3 player firmware octet stream

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A client attempts to download the playlist file(s) from a first uniform resource locator (URL) using a first stream associated with the first server device or the first content distribution service.If a client is unable to download the playlist file(s) from the first URL, the client attempts to switch to an alternate stream associated with another URL.receiving, in response to the requesting, a playlist comprising a plurality of tags and a plurality of Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) indicating a first playlist file and a second playlist file, wherein one or more of the plurality of tags indicates a first URI associated with the first playlist file and specifying a first location for content and a second URI associated with the second playlist file and specifying a second location for the content, wherein the second location is at least partially redundant of the first location;using the transfer protocol, requesting the selected first or second playlist file with the client device, wherein the requesting uses a URI from the playlist corresponding to the selected playlist file;receiving, with the client device, the requested playlist file, the requested playlist file having URIs indicating a plurality of media files and a plurality of tags having parameters related to playback of the plurality of media files;generating an audio and/or video output representing the stream of content by playing the media files with the client device in the order indicated by the playlist, and wherein selecting, with the client device, the first playlist file or the second playlist file comprises selecting the first playlist file having a lower associated bandwidth parameter.I've not come across it before, despite my work involving a lot of media.As such, the code is very much a first-pass, and not something I would normally release (in particular, the horrific #define at the top isn't something I usually write; it's there because it started out small and grew, and I didn't think to turn it into a proper function.

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Obviously, in a proper program you want to handle errors more gracefully, but when playing with this sort of thing I find that if something's gone wrong no amount of attempting to fix it will help. So we initialise 'm2' (the decoder; 'm2' as it's MPEG 2 I'm intending to feed it) and 'm4' (the encoder, which will be producing MPEG 4 AVC (AKA H.264)).

We setup the vidddef struct with some basic frame info gleaned from the container, and pass it to the decoder. I did'nt actually had a chance to see the output, but at runtime I am getting no errors . There's really no almost-right; it'll need fixing up in the container anyway. Anyone who knows the answers: you cannot be elaborate enough : DDickon Thanks for the input For now I'll struggle on and study (deep sigh) the openmax definition documentation.

You'll see a lot of DUMPPORT() macros around; I got into the habit of doing these on a regular basis so I could check that what I thought the state would be actually was. And finally (well for now) What is the exact sequence of events I have to do to setup the tunneling. Because it doesn't query the codecs from the decoder, which is what the licence you have bought enables. Before you plan to tidy things up, pls contact me, I used your code as a template and have added a fair bit already. • Don't like to search the forum BEFORE posting 'cos it's useless ?

Where in the code would be the wise place to do that.

Can that be done in hardware or do I need the libav?