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Updating macbook pro

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Apple says you'll get up to 10 hours per charge, but I didn't get that close. Welcome to our Mac Book Pro with Touch Bar (2016) review.I'll be conducting more tests and updating this review with final battery life results.And for now, that’s the problem with the Touch Bar: It’s not especially useful for either regular people or for the mythical “pros” the new Mac Book line is supposedly designed for.I have tested hundreds of laptops over the years and Macs have almost always excelled at meeting or beating their promised battery lives, both in my longtime battery test regime, and in typical daily use.But the 13-inch Mac Book Pro with Touch Bar wasn’t as reliably consistent as previous Macs.

Or do you invest in the future—a beautiful, highly portable machine with new tricks?Or maybe you do what I’m doing: Stare down at your three-year-old laptop and wonder if you can tough it out another year or two while this sorts itself out.The biggest surprise in my tests was just how inconsistent the Touch Bar Pro’s battery life was.Yet the lack of usability for Apple’s former core market could change once third-party developers figure out how to create really customizable tooltips for the Touch Bar. That’s not to say they’re all intended to be the only computer someone who uses heavy-duty creative apps needs – the Mac Pro and i Mac are there at least in part to meet those needs.But these are computers that the vast majority of people who use a Mac for work would be fine to use as their only machine – that’s certainly the case for me.And in most cases, Apple made the best even better with the new Mac Book Pro.