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Thesaurus is new feature to me, never tried before, will try now.–Check Thesaurus, click the and UNCHECK lots of languages.It is recommended to install available Mi KTe X updates using the program “Mik Te X Update Wizard” before you use Ly X for the first time. I Said find the nearest repository, and there was a long delay while “Searchin…” And then The Mik Te X install CRASHED.Popup window says: Mi KTe X Update Wizard has stopped working.For reasons why, see…. I know that sometimes it's not obvious why you should do that so I hope that the above link helps explain how people want to help you, but don't want to duplicate the efforts of others. If the PDF is already open a new instance of the PDF reader will be created -- this is at least what happens in Windows and (if I remember correctly) Linux. Update generates the PDF, but it does not open the PDF reader. @andy Well, if I were using Ly X I wouldn't want a new instance of Sumatra (or whatever PDF viewer I used) to open every time I recompiled the document, so I understand the distinction. @andy note that in some cases you might not see a difference if you have a PDF open. and Star Valkyrie (although perhaps they don't see it that way).However, this depends on the behavior of the individual PDF viewer.## 2013-02-09 ## Step by step Ly X install Notes ## Test operating system is Windows-7 32 bit virtual machine. (Recall that ## the limited account is not the default account type, but it is the ## type that all Windows ## users should use as their primary day-to-day login).

I am pretty sure the hold up is just Windows and Mi KTe X not working correctly together for users who are not administrators.Sometimes, we find that the La Te X distribution is trying to download more packages.Eventually it does work, but most of us give up, concluding Ly X does not work.Name Start Menu Folder whatever you like (I left default) Now you see the benefit of the “Bundle” install.The download included basic-miktex, jabref (bibtex editor).To work with the Mi KTe X stuff, one really needs admin power–since it is changing stuff in C:\Program Files\Mi KTe X.