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Updating emule server list

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Search for downloads or by sources of a download is done through the servers.An update of the list of servers on e Mule is only necessary in the first contact with the network.- Upload Speed Sense: finds the best upload speed - Power Share: Powershare files without having to unshare any files - ZZ Friend Slots: Enhanced co-release/friends functionality!- 80% score for non SI clients (Xman)- Anti Corruption (Wi Za Rd)- Anti Shape (netfinity)- Aux ports support (lugdunummaster)- Better passive source finding (origin unknown to me, taken from X-Ray)- Enhanced Client Recognition (ECR) v2 (Spike2)und vieles mehr...

How to upgrade the servers emule server met by the url. A connection to a server is required to access the network and resources to make known its customer network.I suggest you, before you activate this option, to clear you file as I wrote in “Start from ZERO” section.- NAFC (network adapter feedback control) - advanced Uploadbandwidththrottler with adjustable slotspeed - Xtreme Downloadmanager for a clever source-handling - improved Xtreme-Creditsystem - Powerrelease with dynamic Hide OS - Anti-Leercher-Feature - hundrets of code improvements und vieles mehr... - Web Cache [WC team/Morph XT] - Stulle/Max - Active Connection Control [Obelix/Max] - display CPU/MEM usage in transferwnd [$ick$/Stulle] - Max - Global Hardlimit [Stulle/many ideas by Max] - Stulle - Push-small-files (boost can be configured manually) [Sivka/Stulle] - Stulle - Different Credit Systems [East Share/ Moprh XT/ Stulle] - Stulle - Argos Anti-Leecher System [David Xanatos/Jv A] - Safe Hash [Slugfiller/Si Ro B] - Slot Control [Xman/Stulle/Jv A] - Re Ask Sources after IP Change [maella/Stulle] - Source Drop System [sivka/Jv A] - Shared Parts [David Xanatos/Jv A] - Modeless Dialogs [Slugfiller/David Xanatos] - Dynamic Block Request [netfinity] - Power Share [zz/Sirob/Stulle] - Nice Looking GUI [Wi Za Rd/Xman/Dark Master/Jv A] - Queue List per File [Jv A] - Save Last Request [Jv A] - Angel Argos Anti-Leecher system - select different punishment/ban for each category [s Fr Ql Xe Rt] - Don't ban friends [s Fr Ql Xe Rt] - Anti Nick Thief v2.3 (Wi Za Rd/Stulle) [s Fr Ql Xe Rt] - Dynamic Leecher Protection (Xman) [s Fr Ql Xe Rt] - Spam detection (Xman) [s Fr Ql Xe Rt] - Agressive client Detection (orginal: sivka-ban by Cyrex2001) [s Fr Ql Xe Rt] - Sub-Chunk Transfer - Crumbs, enables sharing of not yet completed parts - Dynamic Block Requests - Delayed NNP - Drop Stalled Sources - Redownload only data of banned clients on corruption - Safe KAD (slows down the spreading of bad KAD nodes) - VIP ("Payback") Queue - Balanced Ratio Payback - Smart Part File Push - All the features of the ESE Mod- Header View Allows Viewing - Permanent search filters Permanent search filters option 1.4g - Slot Focus Basic - Download improvements Prevent slower client's locking out faster clients - Upload improvements Added no sleep for uploadthrottler thread - Virus scan Anti Vir 7 Premium support added 1.5d - Forceshare *Re-evaluated and redesigned version 1.3a etc.How to Update the list of servers when connecting to a server.The e Donkey servers are known by a certain extent. If you could not execute this file, you should have disabled the e D2K protocol in e Mule configuration.