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Updating an old rdram dell

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Most people hate it when programs become non-responsive; well, the most common reason for programs doing that is lack of RAM space to run simultaneous programs.

Not only do you have to keep the type of RAM in mind when doing a Dell computer memory upgrade, but you must also know the capacity of your system.

To emphasize the advantages of the DDR technique, this type of RAM was marketed at speeds twice the actual clock rate, i.e. This was significantly faster than the previous standard, PC-133 SDRAM, which operated at 133 MHz and delivered 1066 MB/s of bandwidth over a 64-bit bus using a 168-pin DIMM form factor.

Moreover, if a mainboard has a dual- or quad-channel memory subsystem, all of the memory channels must be upgraded simultaneously.

However, RDRAM got embroiled in a standards war with an alternative technology—DDR SDRAM—and quickly lost out on grounds of price, and later, performance.

By around 2003, DRDRAM was no longer supported by any personal computer.

All you have to do is figure out what Dell model you own, and most websites have memory locators that know exactly what type of RAM you need.

This will make your Dell computer memory upgrade much easier.

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Powered by Work4Sure Get the info you are looking for in less than 20 seconds. If you are using Firefox, you will need to download the program and run it.RDRAM and DDR SDRAM were involved in a standards war.PC-800 RDRAM operated at 400 MHz and delivered 1600 MB/s of bandwidth over a 16-bit bus.Memory for what would now be a 9-year-old computer will be hard to come by, and if you do happen to come across it, it will cost you.Dell is currently selling 1GB of RDRAM for a Dimension 8100 for almost 0; it’ll be much cheaper elsewhere, so if you have this computer model, start hunting.A Dell computer memory upgrade can be beneficial for your machine.