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With only knowing this information, users lack the knowledge about one another’s bodies and physical appearance, which could naturally make teens feel more comfortable communicating about sex online.

When examining the use of AOL instant messaging and teen chat rooms, psychology researchers found that on average teens were spending approximately a combined 321 minutes of after school and weekend time online.

You have the power to slow things down by stating your boundaries (or blocking) if someone is moving too quickly.

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While it is important for adolescents to have their privacy, it is also important that parents be involved and know who their children are talking to and what they may be talking about.

Formation of sexual identity in the real world is similar in that even if teens are not contributing sexual references and comments in conversations with their peers in normal daily conversation, they are still being exposed to it – much the same for chat room conversations. Connecting developmental constructions to the internet: identity presentation and sexual exploration in online teen chat rooms.

There is a fine line drawn with monitored chat rooms because sexual slang is permitted, but violent crude language is not.

With the allowance for sexual language, lurks the danger for online sexual predators in young online chat rooms.

Think in terms of how much time teens are spending online, and how it weighs out with the sexual comments being made that often!New Study Reveals Parents Need Better Cybersmarts; Children's Advocate John Walsh, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and Cox Communications Announce Results of Parental Internet Monitoring Survey participants such as whether anyone knows a lawyer or knows what to do when faced with a specific legal problem, and whether a lawyer may interject advice in an online chat involving other participants where bad advice is being given.While teens, ages fifteen to seventeen, spend the majority of their time talking with friends, what is it that they’re talking about?Gossip, the day at school, plans for the weekend…and sex.Research shows that approximately 36% of males and 39% of females between the ages of fifteen and seventeen are sexually active in the United States (Subrahmanyam, Smahel and Greenfield, 2006).However, in chat rooms teens are communicating primarily with strangers and with one or more users.