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The company’s products are all-natural: no preservatives, only non-GMO ingredients, milk from cows not treated with the bovine growth hormone r BST. ” After the campaign’s targets protested, Chobani pulled the ads, and Danone and General Mills quickly won a preliminary injunction in federal court.Chobani has always given 10% of its profits to charitable causes, and Ulukaya is eager to help the communities in which his company operates (in 2011, he renovated a public baseball field near his upstate New York plant, for example). Though Ulukaya can’t comment for legal reasons, he does say that running the commercials was his decision.Last year’s big launch was a line of flavored-yogurt drinks, which the company decided to green-light in February and had on shelves by July.

“If you want to have a modern brand, they’re not at odds at all,” says Mc Guinness.

Chobani also pays above-average wages, and that new family-leave policy offers full pay for any new parent, including foster and adoptive parents. “I have to create an enemy, and I have to get rid of it, in a metaphoric way. We hate Big Food.” Last year, Chobani released a series of hardball ads that went after its chief adversaries, Danone and General Mills. There is, inevitably, some tension between these two Ulukayas.

Ulukaya has put a great deal of thought into cultivating a spirit of warmth and enthusiasm that most people wouldn’t associate with working in a factory, and when you spend time at the company’s plants, the positivity is obvious. The commercials highlighted artificial ingredients used in some Dannon and Yoplait yogurts. Sourcing all-natural products is expensive and complicated, which can hurt profit margins, and the company’s aversion to preservatives led to a 2013 partial recall due to mold issues.

“The leaders of tomorrow more and more realize that having a strong head and a big heart is where you need to be.”Ulukaya has always had trouble sitting still, and rather than spend his time at a desk, he prefers to roam the floors of his factories, chatting with workers or even sometimes standing off by himself, watching cup after cup skitter down the line to get filled, sealed, boxed, and sent on its way.

No matter how busy things get, he will often insist on making time during the day to walk outside and think, strolling through lower Manhattan near Chobani’s New York City office or exploring the rolling hills around his original plant in upstate New York.